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Hello my friends

You've reached the livejournal of the storyteller named J.E.Cole

I am a self trained illustrator and a writer who is working on his first novel which is set for a tentatively publication date of around the first week in June 20xx.

I have an online portfolio here,

a deviant page here,

a flickr pages collection the work of some of my favourite artists here,

and finally I also have a blogger page dedicated to my novel creation process at here

I hope to hear from you soon.





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The manuscript is finished.

After five years the manuscript has finally been completed.

And truth be told, I happy to see the back of it. This story has been festering in my mind for so long that I've been unable to think of the take on anything else. I had to stop writing it because it became unwieldy. I then went and wrote something else, a novella that expanded into a novel length story.  And always at the back of my mind was the beast that was Frostfeld :The end of the world as you know it. The bloody thing hung around my neck like an
albatross, and why?

Because.......I don't know why. I was just unable to finish it. Maybe the vision I had for it was too ambitious. Or maybe I wanted to wait until I felt I was better. Either way, I came to realise that no matter how hard I tried, no matter how hard I wrote, it would only ever be as good as it would be now. I could only ever write the best can at this moment in time. Attempting to leap forward was an impossibly.

So, I resolved to finish it. And now it is.

Now it's done. Soon I'll be unleashing it onto an unsuspecting public. Letting it go out into the world and have a life of its own beyond my control.   It's scary, but at the same time, exhilarating.

Now I can move on to other stories and other brave new worlds. Now I can start editing the books sequel that's been sitting on my hard drive for the past two years. Now can work on the other sequels, and bring characters I've been thinking about for years, to life. 

Can't wait.

Over to you guys. Welcome to the world Marlyn Frostfeld.



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Can someone please reply to this post off anyone still reads or follows this blog?

I ask as I'm considering rebooting it.

And if I do, I'll be purging it from top to bottom.

Abandon Ship

Psygnosis Owl
If anyone's interested, I'm over here now.

Follow the link and add it to your blogfeed of whatever you use for reading blog posts, as this blog is about to become abandoned.  Say goodbye to the twitter posts too.

Man the lifeboats!

Exciting but painful times are ahead.

See you soon!

Goodnight and farewell.


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My tweets

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My tweets

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